Hello! It’s me!

A God-incidence at the end of the day.

It has been a tiring and long day, one that even an after dinner coffee will not resurrect. I finished with my last zoom meeting and proceeded to close down the windows on my computer so I could start fresh in the morning when the God-incidence happened and I was caught off guard. I found myself staring at a word document containing one simple paragraph. I started to read it and gasped. I don’t recall when, why or where this quote came from but that didn’t seem to matter any more. I paused and encountered great love in the following expression of God’s point of view.

“All right, I’ve opened, I’ve calmed down, here I am…now what?  The answer God gives to that is ‘Just stay there…Sit still, because I like looking at you.  I like the sight of you,’ says God.  ‘It’s not just about you contemplating me, in prayer,’ says God, ‘it’s me contemplating you…The real you, not the you that is hiding behind your memories and your fantasies and your hopes.  Not the you that is half buried by this enormous furry grudge you’re hugging to yourself, but you.  The you I made, the you I redeemed, the you I love forever and ever.  Just sit there and let me enjoy myself’ says God.”  (Archbishop Rowan Williams)

Thank you, God. I think I will just sit here and let you contemplate me.

What about you? Will you allow God to contemplate you?

Goodnight friends

Sweet Dreams

2 thoughts on “Hello! It’s me!

  1. Oh such calming peace He has shared with you. It is in these God incidents that you are one with Him. Savor it. Enjoy it. Be at peace.

    Rest well my friend the day is done. And it is good.

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