(I wrote this a few years ago but always like to revisit it.  I hope you enjoy this take on a classic.  May you and yours have a blessed and beautiful Christmas.)


‘Twas the Night of Jesus’ Birth, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even the church mouse.

The animals were munching in their stable where
They hoped that the Savior would soon be there.

The sheep were all nestled down for the night
While the shepherds made sure that all was just right.

Everyone thought and didn’t want to say
All was just the same another boring Bethlehem day.

When out in the sky there arose such a light,
The shepherds couldn’t look ‘cause it was so bright.

There was a beautiful angel up in the sky
The stunned Shepherds couldn’t figure out why.

The angel told them in a manger of a stable there lies
A baby—the Savior In the town nearby

The shepherds went off to where the baby lay.
They knew they would see the Savior this day.

More rapid than stallions, they ran so fast
To see the Savior— they didn’t want to be last

Now Peace!
Now Joy!
Now Everlasting Life!
On Goodness!
On Love!
God’s Greatest Light!

To the city of Bethlehem! To the door of the stable!
They hurried on their way as they were able.

From the dry desert sand, the three kings they came
Following a star, for they knew its name.

So over the dunes they came from the east
This long journey they didn’t mind the least.

And then in a twinkling, the star burst bright
Their journey had ended with joy and delight.

They found the New King, born today
In the city of Bethlehem, so far away

They saw His mother by the child’s bed
With Joseph softly rubbing baby Jesus’ sweet head.

Their hearts were excited, the Christ Child they found
The gifts they had readied were perfectly sound.

The visitors awed for what they saw
A child—
His eyes
His dimples
His cheeks
His nose
Oh so regal
Truly a King to save us all.

But His smile gave a great blessing for He knew their coming
Was a sign of His life’s service for man’s eternal saving

The Kings thought to themselves, and sighed with a pause
O’ this child is much better than meeting the Santa Claus

They spoke not a word, wanted to give more
Gave all they had, and could only adore.

Led by the star, signaling a King, the wise men nobly gifted
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, for One so regal, all truly fitted

As they left that place— so holy and mild
They glowed with love for they saw a Savior—the Christ Child.

They went to their homes and proclaimed from the heights,
A Merry Christ Mass to all and to all a Blessed Night!

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