Jesus in our Hearts

(A reflection for St Paul of the Cross Passionist Province)


As springtime continues to sprout in the Pittsburgh area, signs of the presence of the Lord and new life are all around on this glorious Easter weekday.  The sun is shining, tulips and daffodils dot flowerbeds, even the bald eagles of Pittsburgh are tending to new life in their nests.  (Here is  link to the webcam for the Bald Eagle nest near Pittsburgh PA – The Lord is always revealing His presence to us just like He pointed out the evidence of His presence and love to the two disciples He walked with on the road to Emmaus.

Did you ever wonder why it was so hard for the disciples on the way to Emmaus to see Jesus walking with them, guiding their conversation?  When have you been blinded to His presence or even chosen to turn a blind eye to His movement in your life?  So many times in life we have what a dear friend calls an “ah ha” moment where we recognize Jesus in our lives.  Then, without warning, He vanishes and we wonder, “where did He go, where is Jesus?”

The resurrection challenges us to look for Jesus in our hearts and in the hearts of others.  We must venture back to that place where we first encountered Him so we can see Him dwelling anew in the dark recesses of our hearts.  We do this through recognizing His presence in the Eucharist, through sitting with Him in quiet prayer.  He is waiting for us in the Eucharist, coming to us, entering our hearts and dwelling closer than the air we breathe.

May we always seek Jesus and allow Him to enter our hearts, revealing His great love for us on the journey to oneness with Him.

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