Christ is Risen, Alleluia

“Christ indeed from death is risen, our new life obtaining.
Have mercy, victor King, ever reigning!”

The beautiful sequence we pray at morning Mass ushers into our hearts the hope we so longed for all of Lent, the hope of new life. Our “victor King” is reigning in our hearts as we open our hearts to His Mercy which He so gladly pours into us. Whether this past Lent was good for you or you barely made it through here we are at Easter Sunday morning. It is a new beginning and the Lord welcomes all of us to embrace the beauty that awaits us just like the beauty of a colorful sunrise.

In the Gospel reading for today (John 20: 1-9) we hear about Mary Magdalene discovering the empty tomb and Simon Peter, along with the “other disciple,” running to find only “the burial cloths.” The disciples did not understand but the “other disciple” believed and we too have the choice to believe that Christ Jesus has obtained for us a new life.


I am reminded of the joy of the resurrection every morning when I look out my bedroom window and see a beautiful sunrise. Even though we know, in our minds, that Christ’s love is always present, we can be overwhelmed by darkness and despair. We stand in the dark, like barren trees, waiting, watching, and hoping things will change. I am sure all of us have experienced dark times in life. It is so often like being trapped in a place where you know, deep in your heart, the Lord doesn’t want to see you hurting but you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the dark pit. To get out of the darkness we need to be like the other disciple. We need to come out of the tomb and just believe Jesus is risen and we too can rise. He is offering us new life if we just surrender to His loving care, His healing touch, His guiding Spirit. Then, as if we have never seen a sunrise ever before, our gaze moves to the risen Son of God and we are astounded. We realize, with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective, we too can rise out of our darkness. The sky lights up with the colors of life and we rejoice, only our God can create such beauty and promise.

Today, on this Easter Sunday morning, let us all truly allow the Son to rise in our hearts, in our lives, and embrace the beauty of His love for each one of us, individual and unique. He has brought us a new life, a new beginning and it doesn’t matter whether we kept our Lenten promises perfectly or if we struggled to observe just one day of lent. His offer of a new beginning is real and for each one of us. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus we are given the chance to embrace the glory of creation in all the facets of life which reveals His love.

Happy Easter my friends!

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