Trust in Him

In today’s gospel reading (Mark 4: 35-41) we find Jesus finishing up a long and tiresome day of teaching in parables to the crowds. Jesus was so tired that when he requested to retreat to the other side of the sea and he disciples took him “just as he was, in the boat.” Jesus was so tired that the rising winds and the waves beating on the boat did not disturb his slumber at the stern of the boat. His disciples were anxious and afraid as they shook Jesus awake wondering if he cared at all that they were perishing. When Jesus awoke, he calmed the winds and sea then asked the disciples, “Why are you afraid?” Have you no faith?”


Jesus also asks us why we are filled with fear and why we don’t trust Him when we emphatically plead for His attention in the midst of the storms of our lives. Jesus gives us the perfect model for us to mimic as we go out on mission as His disciples. After long and tiresome days of working to spread His love we are understandably exhausted and need to rest. But to truly achieve that rest we need to trust in the Father and believe that all will be well.

How many times have you been so tired at the end of the day that you collapse in exhaustion? For whatever reason, we seem to need to reach this point of utter exhaustion before we are able to let go of our anxieties and trust in God the Father to just take care of everything. Wouldn’t it be nice to be like Jesus, trust in our companions to accept us as we are, and trust that the Father will care for all our needs?


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