Seeing with New Eyes

In today’s Gospel reading ( Mark 10: 46-52) Jesus gives sight to the blind. But not because he just happened to be walking past Bartimaeus, the blind man. No, Jesus took note of and healed Bartimaeus, because of the persistent requests of Bartimaeus for Jesus to have mercy upon him, a sinner.

Persistence, a trait so many of us struggle with regardless if it is persistence in our prayer, persistence in our work, or even persistence in our commitment to a relationship. Imagine being Bartimaeus, sitting in the dirt on the side of the road and person after person walks past you. You can’t see them but you can feel the dust kick up and hit you in the face. Then, you sense the presence of God, you feel the warmth of His love nearby but you still cannot see exactly from which direction He approaches. Only God the Father reveals the identity of His approaching Son. No one else sees His identity but you because you are looking with the eyes of your heart. Still, you want to be healed of the physical limitations you experience in your blindness.

Jesus tells you, your faith has saved you, your faith has healed you. This is so true in our daily lives too. Our faith, our belief in the love Jesus has for us can turn our perspective around and help us to truly see His love shining in every aspect of our lives, in every little corner of our days. Being aware of His love helps us to be persistent in loving others, even when times are difficult and especially when we are challenged to even like the other person.


May all of us see with the eyes of Bartameaus. May we see the love and mercy Our Lord has for each of us.

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