Proper Perspective Please!

Jesus makes a very good point in today’s Gospel reading (Mark 9: 30-37). He sets his disciples straight and encourages some proper perspective in their attitudes. After telling them about his impending death and resurrection there appears to be silence. The disciples didn’t know what to say and were too afraid to ask. Instead, they began to argue about who was more important.

Can’t you just hear Jesus sigh and see his eyes roll around? He just told them he was going to die and rise, His great saving mission and all they can do is argue about who is better! I can certainly hear him think, “get some proper perspective already!” Truly, what was more important to the disciples, their king of the hill competition or the death and resurrection of their true king, savior, and teacher?
Jesus responds with such patience as he tries to teach them a lesson. He shows them a small child and tells them that to receive a small child just the same as if they were receiving Him. A child equal to the teacher…how absurd of a comparison! But, that is what Jesus did…receive the child, receive me, reject the child, reject me. The child is more important than any of them who are arguing about being the best.


Well, doesn’t this teach us a good lesson. We are often so caught up with trying to prove our own worth to everyone that we lose sight of what is most important. We inflate our egos, bolster our image, build stellar reputations and none of it has any substance. The substance comes in the form of simplicity, innocence and honest love. Oh my, if only were not so caught up in our own importance, our own mindsets, and agendas then maybe, just maybe we would see the love which is right in front of us screaming to be seen.

Let’s all get some proper perspective and hopefully respond with gratitude for the tremendous love God gives us in creation, in the family and friends who love us when we are at our worst, thinking only of ourselves. Thank God every day for the grace gifts He gives us each day.

*My apologies to my regular readers for missing the last few weeks with the reflections. As some may know, I have been quite busy and not able to do much of anything but work. Happily, I can tell you crunch time is over and I survived. I hope you enjoyed the reflection for this week. God willing, I will not miss many more. I pray for many blessings be upon all of you for your support, kind words and understanding.

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