Retreating to find truth

Today’s Gospel reading (John 6: 1-15) starts us out on a collection of Sunday’s focusing on John’s Bread of Life discourse. How could we not see the Eucharist foreshadowed in today’s reading? Yet, what catches us at the end of the reading is the reaction Jesus has to the people when they recognize him as, “the Prophet, the one who is to come into the world. Jesus responds to their reaction by withdrawing, “to the mountain alone.” Why would he slip away at what seems like such an important time?

Jesus saw the people but also didn’t get caught up in superficial success as we so often tend to do. He saw the crowd as having a disordered understanding of His identity. This is why He slipped away—the crowd was seeing him as an earthly king, and not a king of their hearts.

In our impatience we can so often turn away from the obvious and try to force a solution when we should really retreat and take the situation to prayer. How many times have you accepted something not totally true.  Jesus wanted to be king of people’s hearts and not their minds. Our relationships call us to love but also call us to truth. When our closest relationships are not focused on Jesus, possibly our best course of action is to retreat and be with the Lord in prayer. Only by embracing His love will we be able to share that love and challenge others to embrace Jesus as He is….the king of our hearts, a place we find truth.

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