Listen to HIM

“This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him.” So goes the advice from God the Father this day of the Transfiguration. Seems like rather logical advice to me. What about you? I think of all the times I didn’t listen but went my own way. Oh, the difficulties I got myself into because of my stubbornness and pride. You know the old joke—the theme song for those in hell is the tune made popular by Frank Sinatra, “My Way”. So many times when we are confused, instead of turning to God and asking for His advice, we fall back on our own ways of thinking and acting.


In today’s gospel reading (Mark 9:2-10), we hear about the journey Peter, James, and John took up the mountain with Jesus. The first part of verse two is omitted from today’s reading at Mass but if you look at your bible you will see Jesus takes these three apostles up the mountain “after six days.” The timing of this event is important to help us realize we need to rise above our attachments to material things and enter the seventh day, in other words the Lord’s Day, focused totally on His love and Glory. Are you listening to Him and taking time to focus totally on His love?

The Transfiguration gave Peter, James, and John a great gift. It is one which gave them reaffirming strength, something to remember the Glory of God, which would sustain all of them in the difficult times ahead. All three went on to make significant contributions to the church on earth. We too look back at awe-inspiring moments in which we encountered the Living God for the strength to sustain us as we face our difficulties.

“This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him” is great advice when we are struggling with life changing decisions. He loves us and would never lead us astray. Granted, it may seem like He is leading us to a life of suffering. But, in the end, we must have the sustaining strength of Peter, James, and John and remember our encounters with the Living and Loving Lord.

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